charlie mccormick

Charlie McCormick- Personal Trainer/Front Desk

Charlie joined Fitness 19 in Williamsville at 14 years old with the goal of improving athletically by learning about strength and endurance. He is the most veteran member of our staff! As a competitive Baseball player he wanted to improve his performance on the field so he started working with a Personal Trainer at the time, where he went on to compete in 3 Physique Competitions over the next few years; 1st Place Men’s NMA Physique navis division, 3rd Place Men’s Physique Canada and 2nd Place NMA Men’s Pro Card Open . He now has taken his own skills and knowledge to become a popular trainer around our facility, he is also always good for a corny joke or two! CHARLIE IS A NASM CERTIFIED PERSONAL TRAINER, A CERTIFIED USAPL POWER LIFTING COACH AND TEACHES OUR FUNCTIONAL MOBILITY CLASS!


At this point, Charlie will be entering his senior year of his undergrad at the University at Buffalo in Fall of 2019. He will be graduating with a dual major in Psychology and Sports Exercise Science. He continues to educate himself, AND TRAIN AFTER HIS GRADUATION. CHARLIE IS TRYING SOMETHING NEW, WORKING WITH A FELLOW TRAINER TO COMPETE IN A POWER LIFTING COMPETITION WITH SEVERAL OTHER STAFF MEMBERS THIS OCTOBER OF 2019. check out his social media links below!

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