chrissy sommer

Chrissy Sommer- Operations Manager

There’s probably only one time in your life that you will meet someone equivalent to the passionate, strong, fun and fearless Chrissy Sommer! She leads Fitness 19 Williamsville with her heart on her sleeve, keeping the needs, safety and concerns of every member as her top priority. Meanwhile, she provides an environment in the facility that puts every employee on a platform for success by providing them with the tools and knowledge necessary to be successful as a trainer and in life.

Chrissy has been with Fitness 19 Williamsville since the doors opened in 2007, and took the position of Operations manager in 2015. In that time, she has made the space one that focuses on functional training so that anyone with any type of life goal can find an avenue for success. Whether the goal is to walk a flight of stairs, complete a marathon or compete in a power lifting competition she will find you the tools and person to assist you until you are successful. When an employee or member is participating in anything from a running event to a boxing match you can count on seeing her there to cheer you on in the stands, probably yelling the loudest and taking pictures.

Chrissy is a graduate of st. johns university in queens ny, with a bachelors in education. as a competitive soccer and softball player in both college and semi-professional leagues, injuries would teach her later the importance of a strength and mobility training program to maintain her health. 

Chrissy works with a variety of different clients from rehab patients to individuals that are simply looking to get stronger, and though you can be sure each session is methodical and productive you will also hear a lot of laughing.

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