EMS: (Early Morning Strength)- Combination of Limitless and Power 30 before the sun rises- Caroline


Peak Performance: For youth athletes, to learn basic weight lifting techniques and healthy strength training habits in a controlled and safe environment! (ask for specific scheduled classes if you have a team that would like to train together at specific times)- Josh/Adam

YOGA: For anyone at any stage of life. Different poses focus on flexibility, range of motion, healthy breathing and cardiovascular health. - Rebecca


GBT (Get Better Today): The “Get Better Today” experience is built around the idea that you’re willing to push yourself to be more, regardless of your circumstance and not relate to being average. This mantra serves as a reminder to strive to be the best you can be and work hard to get there because results will only come with your hard work.

This one hour guided experience is conducted in a highly motivating group setting and taught by your coach that will ensure safety and results. Classes combine conditioning, strength training, mobility, gymnastics, Olympic lifting, and plyometrics which will provide you with a stronger, faster, leaner, more flexible, and more coordinated way of life. Lets all set new standards for ourselves today and grind for a better tomorrow or be satisfied with staying the same. -Josh W


Row & TRX: Just like it sounds, use of the TRX and concept 2 rowers in tandem in a circuit to focus on bodyweight movement and keep the heart rate up. -Luke


Functional mobility : 30 minutes dedicated to rehab and movement, the most functional way to rest the body back to health after intensive strength and functional training. This class is recommended for regulars of GBT 1 & 2 as a way to deload. This class will also combine the principles of lifting and specific movements to teach you how to properly move on a more mechanical and aware level  -Charlie


Bands & Bodyweight: Using Resistance Bands and Body weight mechanics to increase the mobility of the body, help with flexibility/posture and introduce the importance of strengthening muscle groups to improve joint health.  - Caroline

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