peak performance is our program for youth athletes, looking to improve their athletic performance independently or as a team. most of the most common injuries in college and high school sports, result from a lack of proper muscle built around weak joints such as knees, ankles and shoulders. we have been able to physically watch how athletes that invest their time and effort in this program are stronger on the field and recover more quickly from multiple different physical setbacks they might be having. this class is also an opportunity for an adolescent that has not yet played a sport, but is looking to add an element of physical fitness and strength to their life. peak performance is held in a small and controlled environment with a certified coach that will lead each individual at any ability level. we start from the bottom, teaching core basic lifting and conditioning techniques and work up to more complex movements. 

if you are interested in trying a class for free and meeting the coach, sign up below and we will contact you! classes run every tuesday and thursday evening at 5:30pm so please indicate on the form the date you are planning to come! Please also come with the pdf waiver of liability signed, found in the contact box below!

Peak Perfomance Free Class
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